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All of our products are fruit of meticulous workmanship and an in-depth knowledge of materials and innovative techniques.

We produce customized luxury packaging with excellent results, endorsed by the loyal and time-consolidated custom of some of the top luxury brands. Our products specifically target the luxury goods industry and we are primarily engaged in the production of branded packaging for the fashion industry, packaging for jewellery and luxury trinkets, packaging for eyewear and for home furnishing products, product sets with a coordinated image and creative packaging, all of which are entirely custom-made.

In response to market demand, we have extended our range of articles with the introduction of jewellery displays, visual displays, display stands for belts and ties, and scarf displays, made from eco-sustainable materials and easily adaptable to any requirement.

We supply protective garment bags, fabric and paper bags, boxes and cartons of any shape and size, zippered pouches, tags, sample books and hangers, presentation folders, paper products in general, in a wide range of fabrics, paper, printing techniques and workmanship, to meet every possible requirement.

We are specialized in supplying totally coordinated image sets, a precious promotional tool for reinforcing your brand image, without failing to pursue our strategy of eco-sustainability.

We address our Customizeds’ requests for articles of different types and measurements; we are prepared to make use of pre-existing die-cut master layouts to allow our Customizeds to reduce costs.

We are also prepared to produce minimum quantities of at least 300/500 pieces to reduce the cost of producing master layouts and confirm our manufacturing capacity for large quantities.

Briefly, our core products fall into one of the following categories:

As well as the most commonly used fabrics such as: cotton, non-woven fabric and polypropylene, to satisfy more discerning requirements, we may also supply jacquard fabrics, linen, viscose, satin, velvet, silk, artificial silk, micro-fibre, Lycra, stretch cotton, eco-leather, leather, imitation leather, technical fabrics….
Exclusive fabrics may also be custom-made.

Protective garment bags can be made from nylon, organza, waterproofed cotton, non-woven fabric…
Exclusive fabrics may also be custom-made.

Shoppers can be produced in paper or fabrics such as cotton, twisted cotton, jersey, technical fabrics.…
Exclusive fabrics may also be custom-made.

We make boxes, pouches, gift boxes lined with paper or fabrics of various kinds, in different shapes (square, rectangular, round and oval, with inner compartments designed to customer specification) hang-tags, gift-cards, stickers, paper shopping bags, sample holders, presentation folders, luxury visual displays, display stands for belts and ties, displays for jewellery, necklace and bracelet stands, eyewear cases.
Automatic or manual applications and finishes are available on request.
Custom-made articles may be produced on request using various high-definition printing technologies.



                      Customized Luxury Italian Packaging

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