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  1. Respect the creativity:
    Keeping the eyes towards the future and maintaining a disruptive equilibrium able to innovate, to improve and to change.
    Here in BC BONCAR creativity must be respected: every idea could lead to something new and incredible.
    It is a matter of capability to bring up talent and ideas, to develop and support them, accompanying people in the new project to see together the result that could change everything.


  1. Keep an honest, transparent, and correct spirit, towards everyone.
    Honesty and transparency are main pillars for BC BONCAR.

The fluidity of the information allows work to be done quickly and smoothly, guaranteeing an excellent service and superior quality packaging.


  1. You are the actor of the change.
    Corporate social responsibility
    is one of our top priorities: every idea or project coming from BC BONCAR are made hoping and trying to bring a favo- rable change to the community.
    Everyone should feel the freedom to propose a new project important for him and its personal values, BC BONCAR is committed to realize social projects.


  1. Only excellence can exit from our door.
    The sustainable luxury packaging produced by BC BONCAR is only realized following rigid quality cri- teria to being able to design and produce a Packaging with the capital P.
    Our products are realized respecting craftsmanship combined with technologies, leading to a noble perfect packaging.