Bottom box and cover

Our customers always have different requirements and depending on the articles to be protected or enhanced, special productions or boxes are requested. Along the way, we have dealt with various requests and found solutions for our customers.

The FSC paper-covered or fabric-covered cardboard bottom and cover box is a very elegant and luxurious type of box. It is a jewel box that makes the customer’s product unique the back and cover box is a classic that never goes out of fashion, it is the choice of FSC and sustainable papers that make it relevant to the times.

A bottom and cover box is a timeless box. The closure can be with magnets, with customised and printed ribbons, with natural cords or closures patented by us such as mono-material buttons in stretched cardboard. Our box bottom and cover with mono-material button closure is patented. The cord handle or applied ribbon handle facilitate the use and transport of the large-format bottom and cover boxes covered with FSC paper or fabric, making the box elegant, luxurious and practical.

Our boxes are collapsible, foldable, collapsible making them 100% sustainable.  With the carry handle they become VERY ELEGANT, practical, RIGID SHOPPERS designed for the end customer.

It is a box suitable for bridal gowns, long evening gowns, for home furnishings, for fine blankets, for home trousseau, for large bags and value for ceremonial hats or top hats. Customisable with different types of prints and handles.  Certified hot foil embossing with artistic relief, debossing hot foil embossing, tone-on-tone hot foil embossing, thick or flat UV printing. Natural rope handles, herringbone cotton ribbon, recycled polyester ribbon, woven cotton caoutchouc and more.

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