Garment covers

A suit cover tells you what item of clothing you have purchased and who you are. The suit cover is very often used as an image element for travellers. The type of fabric chosen and the prominent LOGO also express the type of ‘traveller’.

Fabrics are always GOTS, BCI, or GRS certified and in the case of Nylon or polyester or synthetics always RECYCLED OR RECYCLABLE fabrics. The finishing of the fabrics, such as anti-drop, anti-stain and others are all REACH certified. Attention to details such as the zips, which are a determining element of the garment cover, any grommets or hooks in nickel free or with galvanic designed for the customer such as anti-oxidant are always taken care of down to the smallest detail. The stitching made with certified yarns, the hot, silk-screen printed, gummed prints and our propensity for taking care of the smallest details, make BC BONCAR a reliable partner able to provide a service and a high-end product in keeping with the customer’s product.

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