I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.” (Ralph Lauren)

We design and produce luxury brand packaging for the fashion market, from clothing to leather goods and footwear.

Our ideas are linked to the design and essence of the products to create a dream experience made of textile and paper materials. From garment covers to shopping bags, from boxes of all kinds to belt and tie displays: we design excellent bespoke packaging for an exclusive product that lasts.

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People will stare at you. Make their time worthwhile.” (Harry Winston)

The essence is in the choice, in the accessory. That’s why we create high-end jewellery packaging on request, without forgetting the already successful items we have chosen to keep in the sample book. Cases with precious papers, padded interiors, or simple accurate textile creations, fabric rolls, necklace holders, bracelet holders, jewellery displays: we devote every attention to details so that the glance on our packaging allows the product to be noticed and remembered

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Give me the luxuries of life and I will gladly do without the necessities.” (Frank Lloyd Wright)

Beauty is not just to be worn, it is to be experienced in all its manifestations. The elegance and luxury of our products is carried over into our home solutions. Our design and ideas are applied to home-based furniture solutions and accessories to hold quilts, duvets, linens, silverware.

We work to create boxes, fabric cases, stoles, ribbons, tags, furnishing accessories. Everything to find beauty in intimacy.

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In design, the constant challenge is in the balance between comfort and luxury, between practicality and glamour.” (Donna Karan)

In order to find the perfect balance between what is beautiful and what is useful, we collaborate with the Style Offices of the Brands, we create packaging ranging from boxes to tags, from guarantee seals to fabric and branded labels.

It is a constant challenge that we accept to improve the magic of product discovery.

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Elegance is the balance between proportions, emotion and surprise.” (Valentino)

The fascination of hands that carve and design shapes, small unique universes, outside of large-scale distribution: this is why we rely on craftsmanship, on the elegance of hand-made. We combine traditional techniques with innovation to create unique and irreplaceable packaging, our Limited Edition.

But let’s not forget the already successful items that we have chosen to keep in our sample collection and ready to come back to life thanks to a new product to enclose, a new magic to discover.

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