Packaging Jewellery

The essence is in the choice, in the accessory. BC BONCAR creates high-end jewellery packaging on demand.

Leather jewellery boxes, fabric jewellery boxes, handmade paper lined boxes, FSC paper lined boxes.

The interior to contain and protect the product is carefully chosen.

It is no coincidence that BC BONCAR dresses the customer’s product. We make interiors with silk, produce cushions for box interiors with GOTS, GRS, BCI fabrics, or interiors with micro-fibre fabric.

Jewellery boxes made from premium FSC papers, padded interior to contain and protect the customer’s product. Shell-opening boxes, book-opening boxes, bottom and lid boxes, padded fabric pouches with GOTS fabrics, finished with natural GOTS ribbons, GOTS fabric necklace holders, GOTS fabric bracelet boxes or pouches, jewellery displays,

or combination of techniques between paper and GOTS fabric, making the packaging a product. We devote every attention to detail so that the glance at our packaging allows the product to be noticed and remembered.

Our products

Hinged shell casket

Jewel box

Jewel packaging set

Boxes with fabric

Fabric bags