Fabric bags

Fabric bags are ‘first price’ items. BC BONCAR can make a ‘first price’ item into a valuable pouch. It is not ‘a piece of fabric’ with two strings, it is a protective pouch/bag for your valuable item. Give the right value to your product with a well-finished pouch/case, with a hot or screen print, made of organza fabric, or GOTS fabric in natural cotton, with internal gauze finish or for the most demanding with selvage, mercerised fabric or double twisted cottons, recycled polyester, microfibre. Choosing closing cords even for a protective bag should not be left to chance. BC BONCAR is always looking for new materials and new ideas even for the smallest details. Nothing is left to chance or improvised. Research and development are a BC BONCAR ‘trademark’.

GOTS natural cotton lanyards, recycled cotton ribbons, lanyards made from 100% paper yarns, post-consumer waste (pcw) recycled polyester lanyards, double satin ribbons with 50% recycled. We now make a customised print with your Brand name. Your Brand name is important and a print is important. Hot stamping on the fabric bag, screen printing.

From a simple pouch/bag you can get to ‘tell’ the product inside.

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