Boxes for home furnishings

Boxes for home furnishings are distinguished by their size. Making a box for home furnishings a practical everyday item, easy to store in a closet, simple to handle, and protective for the enclosed product are all characteristics that our team focuses on. We prioritize the end customer who will be using the packaging.

We think about the customer who is purchasing a valuable item and we consider the concept of transportation. When we contemplate producing an item, we think as users and ask ourselves why someone would choose to purchase a product from one brand over another. Even if the brand’s product is splendid in all aspects – merchandise, aesthetics, comfort – if it is not appropriately dressed, the customer may perceive a lack of attention to detail. Brands understand well that “it’s the details that make the difference.”

When we design our packaging, we consult with the brand to understand what it needs to showcase, and only then we propose solutions.

When customers make a purchase, they leave the brand’s boutique with our box, which includes handles for easy transportation, designed to coordinate with the product. The same handles are used to retrieve the blanket, bedsheet, or any other item stored inside the box from the closet. We aim to create a “daily experience” with its own ritual, even when simply redecorating the bedroom. Everything is designed to make daily life simple and experiential.

Our packaging should “live” and be part of daily life, serving as a daily marketing object.

The papers can be personalized with high-quality prints, UV screen printing combined with hot foil stamping, or thick transfer printing.

The handles can be made of natural cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, or feature natural cotton ribbons, recycled cotton ribbons, or recycled polyester ribbons.

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