Presentation boxes and sample boxes

This type of packaging is designed for companies and representatives who need to present samples to their customers, interior designers, and architects. They can serve as a sort of archive for the company itself or for boutiques, interior design studios, and architects who want to showcase fabrics and other solutions to clients looking to choose the right furnishings for their homes. The type of fabric, finish, and size are important factors, and this packaging allows for the optimal presentation of the product.

Once again, the packaging serves as the attire, and the image must be in line with the product being showcased to the customer. The choice of cover papers for the sample boxes, as well as the printing techniques used, contribute to the desired presentation of the internal product.

The presented presentation box is a box with a unique shape, entirely hand-finished. The prints are carefully designed to align with the brand’s image. The covering is made of firmwire fabric, and the prints are screen printed using a technique that resembles tailor stitching. Everything is designed to represent and identify the brand’s image.

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