letter to stakeholder

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Dear Stakeholders,

During the Shareholders’ Meeting, BC BONCAR amended its Statute to become a Benefit Corporation. Benefit Corporations commit to creating a positive impact on society and the environment.

Sustainability is now an integral part of our business model, aiming to create favorable conditions for environmental and social prosperity, both now and in the future. This commitment aims to generate sustainable long-term value for all stakeholders.

Benefit Corporations are required to annually communicate, transparently, the results achieved, progress made, and goals for improving social and environmental impact.

The results obtained in recent years and the initiatives implemented demonstrate our willingness and ability to execute innovative projects that enable our company to improve over time.

To achieve these goals, we have involved all our personnel, with particular reference to the Managers of the main business functions, to ensure that sustainability is considered a transversal value that involves the entire company.

We have analyzed our processes, collected data and information to gain a clear view of our performance, identify our strengths, and understand our weaknesses, with the objective of continuous and constant improvement. This commitment involves all of us: Shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders in the community in which we operate.

We hope that our clients appreciate the commitment and efforts made in this direction, in order to provide increasingly sustainable, cutting-edge, and innovative products in our sector.

We recognize the importance of collaboration with our suppliers to ensure that the entire supply chain is oriented towards reducing environmental impact.

We are aware that efforts to achieve these goals must be joint and shared, and we rely on the collaboration of all parties involved. The quality of our products, synergistically linked to environmental sustainability, represents our choice to look to the future together with all of you. We face the daily global challenge with numerous opportunities and choices, and we, together with you, choose sustainability.

Thank you all