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Becoming a benefit company signifies a commitment to consistent sustainability towards the community in which we operate. In 2022, BC BONCAR transitioned into a benefit corporation aligning its design and production of packaging for the fashion and luxury industry with a focus on creating a positive impact on the surrounding environment.

BC BONCAR produces sustainable luxury packaging for the fashion industry, integrating its core business with initiatives aimed at co-creating well-being. The project undertaken in 2023 is in collaboration with the Municipality of Busto Arsizio. Through this collaboration, we successfully established an outdoor area in the Sant’Anna neighborhood dedicated to children, teenagers, families, students, and citizens, promoting outdoor education.

This outdoor classroom provides a serene and positive environment for the city’s youth to study amidst the most uplifting setting: nature. Having the opportunity to learn under the natural sunlight, surrounded by trees, outside the confines of a traditional school environment, offers a refreshing alternative to alleviate the potential heaviness of prolonged indoor study.

BC BONCAR sustainable luxury packaging is delighted to have contributed to the construction of well-being within its community and looks forward to continuing to do so in the future, giving back some of the beauty that is bestowed upon us each day.