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The co-packing service is a fundamental service in the packaging activity which consists in the packing of the finished product inside the packaging produced by BC BONCAR and then being shipped to the destination agreed with the brand.

BC BONCAR Sustainable Luxury Packaging has been designing and producing packaging for the luxury and fashion sector since 1998. Offering packaging in paper, fabric and other materials, BC BONCAR represents the ideal packaging partner to rely on.

Co-packing is a fundamental service that BC BONCAR welcomes and carries forward.

The management of the co-packing service in outsourcing to the packaging partner is a choice that is not always rewarded: having the possibility of entrusting the co-packing service to your packaging partner represents a guarantee of timing and a reduction in costs to support because it allows you to limit travel and rely on a single supplier to manage product packaging.

Co-packing is an added value of BC BONCAR which allows it to position itself as the most suitable packaging partner to offer a complete service, starting from design up to its production and delivery.

Co-packing is just one of the services that BC BONCAR offers to its customers, but it represents one of the most requested because it represents a relief for the brand and a speeding up of the packaging and delivery processes.

BC BONCAR sustainable luxury packaging for your packaging.

Co-pack with BC BONCAR.

Design your packaging with BC BONCAR.