Cardboard box

Self-assembly case

The self-assembly box is ideal for the customer who wants fast, single-use, economical packaging. The sectors that can benefit from it are many: technology, small leather goods, eyewear. It is mainly used for low-cost items.

The nature of BC BONCAR is to make, even first-price packaging, a special item. Through the study of UV OFF SET graphics or prints, or the choice of 100% recycle, or natural FSC papers.

We use machines such as BOBST die-cutting machines that offer high precision creasing, speed of execution and low processing costs.

The inclusion of small elements such as natural cotton ribbons, or ropes made from paper yarns.

In every case BC BONCAR succeeds in satisfying the demands of each customer by making the customer’s product special and valuable.

Cardboard box – Self-assembly case – Made in Italy

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