Protective bag for footwear, leather goods

The shoe and leather goods bag are an item that BC BONCAR considers to be of ‘PROTECTION’ of the customer’s product. High-end bags and shoes are made from very delicate leathers and therefore need “protection”. The nature of the bag must guarantee maximum protection for the product The Gots, GRS, BCI certifications make the protection bag sustainable. The search for yarns, fabrics, ennobling, finishing which aims to improve the appearance, the hand the properties of the fabric.  Gauzing, mercerising, topping are just some of the techniques used to make a fabric nobler and above all more protective for the customer’s product.

Printing and the choice of closing cords are other important ‘details’. A sustainable fabric bag combined with certified printing, screen printing, hot transfer and finished with recycled paper or polyester lanyards or ribbons make the protection bag special.

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